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CHIP - Chemicals (Hazard Information & Packaging for Supply) Regulations

CHIP requires manufacturers/suppliers to inform and advise end users of the possible hazards or dangers associated with their range of chemical substances in order that the customer is fully aware, can make an informed choice and can accurately assess the potential risks.

Most people are familiar with CHIP (whether they know it or not) as a result of the orange and black warning symbols commonly seen on chemical packaging.

Another component part of the CHIP Regulations are risk phrases such as "Irritating to eyes & skin" and safety phrases such as "Keep out of reach of children"

CHIP is being replaced by the European CLP Regulation and will be revoked from 1 June 2015.

The CLP Regulation

The CLP Regulation European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures came into force on 20 January 2009 in all EU Member States, including the UK. 

It is known by its abbreviated form, ‘the CLP Regulation’ or just plain ‘CLP’. The CLP Regulation adopts the United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System on the classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) across all European Union countries, including the UK. 

As GHS is a voluntary agreement rather than a law, it has to be adopted through a suitable national or regional legal mechanism to ensure it becomes legally binding. That’s what the CLP Regulation does. As GHS was heavily influenced by the old EU system, the CLP Regulation is very similar in many ways. The duties on suppliers are broadly the same: classification, labelling and packaging. The existing legislation on classification, labelling and packaging has been agreed at European Union level and, from 2015, will be directly applied on all EU member states, including the UK. The rules they have to follow when they are classifying will change though, and a new set of hazard pictograms (quite similar to the old ones) are used:

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