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Premiere introduces new Linkz technology

New and exciting for Premiere and our customers is the new Linkz technology, a revolutionary concept in on-pack information, training and coaching.

Simply download the free Linkz app, point your phone at the Linkz icon  on our label, and you’ll be connected to a selection of information specific to that product; from training videos, safety data sheets, technical information to offers & helpful tips.

Working closely with Berkshire Labels, Premiere launched this innovative technology at the 2014 ISSA Interclean exhibition in Amsterdam. 

Peter Brown, Premiere’s director of innovations, sales & marketing said: “Premiere’s innovative partnership which Berkshire Labels demonstrates our commitment to raising customer service levels across our trade markets ensuring we maximise brand education and global sales opportunities. Berkshire Labels came to the table with some great innovations that enabled us to fulfil our goals.”

Paul Roscoe, managing director for Berkshire Labels, added: “its been great to work with Premiere right from the early stages of discussing all possibilities, sharing machine drawings of the newly required capital investment, embedding the Linkz technology, right through to meeting the tight deadlines and supporting their new brand launch in time for the show”.

So how do you get this revolutionary new technology? Simple! Just search for the free Linkz app using your smart phone and download... Then start scanning

This doesn’t just work with Premiere labels! Wherever you see the logo, there will be an invisible code that you can scan with the app and, just like magic, a microsite or website linked to what you are reading will open on your phone with something worthwhile to show you or give you. This may include discount vouchers, additional details, downloadable content, competition entries and options to purchase or additional images, video and games.

Robert Berkeley, Chairman for Linkz-IM, discusses their newly adopted Linkz technology, and tells us how it can improve training for customers