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premiere Platinum 25 floor polish 2 x 5ltr

premiere Platinum 25 floor polish 2 x 5ltr

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2x5 litre

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Product information

Platinum 25 is a 25% solids, gloss finish emulsion floor polish. An iconic product from Premiere, it delivers a hard wearing, yet highly slip resistant "wet look" protective professional finish. Platinum 25 is suitable for use on most hard floors and especially recommended for use on thermoplastic, vinyl, terrazzo, marble, stone and quarry tiles. DO NOT use on rubber or unsealed porous floors (i.e. unsealed wood). For the best finish, the application of 2 to 3 coats is recommended but its quick drying time of approx 30 minutes per coat ensures that minimum time is required.

Coverage: 200m2 per 5 litres as a single coat

Cases per Layer:    20
Cases per Pallet:    80


Trigger Spray labels are designed to print on A4 Avery L7166 labels

Material Safety Data Sheet (458 Kb)
Technical Information Sheet (488 Kb)
Trigger Labels Templates for Ecommerce (84 Kb)
On floors which have been treated with platinum 25, the product can be diluted at 1:20 in a trigger spray for spray burnishing.

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What is the shelf life for platinum 25


The shelf life for Platinum in an unopened container would be 2 years.  Once the container has been opened, as long as it is stored in a proper manner (tightly sealed and in an ambient temperature), its shelf life should remain at 2 years.  However any contaminents that may come in contact with the product may reduce this shelf life.  Leftover polish from any application should NOT be returned to the bottle, but should be disposed of in the proper manner.
Will Platinum 25 floor polish be suitable to put on a wooden school hall floor, that is used for school dinners and has not been sealed for two years, due to it being used daily throughout the year. if not have you an alternitive that will protect and bring a shine to this floor without it being re-sealed.


It will depend on whether the previous seal was a wax based seal or water based.

If the seal was water based, then yes Platinum 25 or Platinum Satin can be used on the floor as a combined seal/polish, but may need to apply 3 to 4 coats to get a high shine finish as the first coat will act as the "seal" layer. Alternatively, if finding sufficient time to apply 4 coats is a problem, you could use Uno polish instead as this contains a much higher polish content and 1 coat of Uno equates to 2 coats of Platinum.

We would then recommend daily cleaning with Clean & Buff which will "feed" the polished surface, helping to maintain the finish and make the polish last longer in heavy traffic areas.

If your floor was previously sealed with a wax based seal, we would recommend using Premac Super instead as this is designed to be used with floors previously treated with wax seal/polishes.
Please ensure that the floor is scrubbed clean, rinsed and left to fully dry before any application of polish.