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Pictogramme Training System

The Premiere Pictogramme Training System is an independently approved pictorial training system which provides step by step guides for over 40 different cleaning procedures.


Pictogramme benefits

  • Five key areas covered: Floor care, Carpet care, Surface care, Washroom care & Kitchen care
  • Detailed process broken down by bullet point
  • Written word supported by pictorial reference ponts

Training focus   

  • Emphasis on carrying out cleaning processes in the most modern & efficient ways possible
  • Learners encouraged to be aware of quality and health & safety as being of paramount importance
  • Includes comprehensive lists of equipment & materials required for each processes
  • Equipment & material recommendations are generic and not manufacturer / supplier specific

Support material

  • General area & kitchen area product selection chart
  • General area & kitchen area cleaning schedule
  • Training record sheet - general areas & kitchen areas
  • Colour coding guide